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Jackie Shinwell

Jackie Shinwell is a PhD student within the Department of Psychology at Northumbria University. Working under the supervision of Professor Greta Defeyter and Dr Sharon Vincent, Jackie is undertaking research which evaluates the impact of holiday provision on children and their families.

Prior to commencing her PhD in 2016, Jackie gained valuable experience undertaking two internships at Northumbria University, focusing on oxidative stress and the benefits of selenium supplementation in cases of anorexia nervosa, and nutritional analysis of food served in early years' settings. Jackie also has extensive experience of public engagement, working with children and adult populations to translate complex scientific information into everyday language.

Before returning to higher education, Jackie had a successful career in public relations, working with high profile Government departments and agencies, including the Home Office, Department for Communities and Local Government, and Health and Safety Executive.

Jackie has recently graduated with a BSc First Class Hons in Human Nutrition. As part of her degree, Jackie undertook research investigating whether pre-school consume enough energy and macro-nutrients when serving themselves lunch.