Dr Zeibeba (Zeb) Sattar

Dr Zeibeda Sattar (Zeb) is a Senior Research Assistant in Healthy Living at Northumbria University. She is currently working with the Healthy Living research team with an interest in holiday hunger issues and the development and evaluation of complex health interventions to improve public health.

She has considerable experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Her skills and experience extend from in-depth interviewing, focus groups and thematic methods of analysis to questionnaire and interview schedule design, the conduct of surveys (postal and interview) and statistical analysis. She has worked on a range of primary research studies in a variety of settings, including national policy development (e.g. strategic economic plans, licensing policies and health pathways) and a number of secondary research studies (e.g. evaluation of behavioural interventions). Her current work explores the impact of holiday provision for children and their families. Prior to this, Zeb implemented government BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems in food manufacturing.