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Dr Gillian Pepper

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Gillian is a behavioural scientist whose research is focussed on understanding inequalities in health and ageing. She uses observational and experimental data to examine differences in health behaviours, and in related psychological and biological factors, such as temporal discounting, reproductive scheduling, social trust, and biomarkers of ageing. Her approach is informed by evolutionary theory and applies a range of methods from diverse fields including behavioural economics, ethology, and experimental psychology.

Prior to entering academia, Gillian gathered a range of experience in science policy and communication. This included work with the BBC Specialist Factual Unit (TV), and with BBC Focus Magazine. She has also worked for science policy and communications charities, and as a Communications Manager at the Department of Health. Gillian was awarded her PhD in behavioural sciences from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University in 2015. She went on to work as a visiting postdoctoral scholar with the Newcastle City Council Public Health Team, and then as a postdoctoral researcher in the Newcastle Institute of Health and Society’s Health Psychology group, and in the COMSTAR lab at Newcastle University’s Institute of Neuroscience. Gillian joined Northumbria University as a lecturer in 2019.