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Dr John Lodge

Dr Lodge is Head of the Food and Nutrition Research Group in the Department of Applied Sciences at Northumbria. His research interests lie mainly at the interface between food science and human nutrition. He completed his PhD in Biological Chemistry at The University of London (Birkbeck College) followed by postdoctoral positions at The University of California at Berkeley, the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, the German Institute of Human Nutrition and then a lectureship in Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Surrey.

He has vast experience in antioxidant research and especially vitamin E biokinetics and metabolism, performing innovative research into vitamin E status in human populations. He developed analytical methodology to measure stable-isotope labelled vitamin E and its metabolites and their bioavailability and this led to developing the use of metabolomic technology for nutritional studies. To this end he has used metabolomics to identify biomarkers of nutrient intake (e.g sucrose), and the effect of diet on metabolism. He has interests in dietary approaches for cardiovascular health, for example leading projects with whole grains and their constituents on cardiovascular endpoints in humans.

He joined Northumbria in 2011 and has led a successful equipment bid to establish metabolomics technology in the Faculty, has received funding to develop –omic technology for the Food Security area and is working with industrial collaborators to optimise and validate data analysis tools for nutritional metabolomics. He is currently working on projects using metabolomics to investigate the influence of berries on metabolism and the influence of fruit processing on human bioavailability. In the Food Science area he has developed and validated methodology to analyse water soluble vitamins in food samples and has interests in the influence of food processing on nutritional status.