A few months ago, members of the Healthy Living Lab at Northumbria joined with academics from other universities to review existing academic evidence on the impact of school closures on pupils. I am delighted that the evidence we submitted to the Education Select Committee has now been published. The full report can be found here.

This review provides a summary of the latest academic evidence regarding the impact of Covid-19 on educational learning loss; EdTech interventions; home schooling; physical activity; food insecurity, diet and obesity; mental health and wellbeing.  It was truly a collaborative effort and involved the following academics:

Professor Paul von Hippel, University of Texas at Austin

Dr Jackie Shinwell, Newcastle University

Dr Emily Mann, Northumbria University

Dr Emily Henderson, Northumbria University

Dr Iain Brownlee, Northumbria University

Dr Gillian Pepper, Northumbria University

Professor Paul Stretesky, Northumbria University

Prof Michael Long, Oklahoma State University

Prof Jim McKenna, Leeds Beckett University

Dr Andy Daly-Smith, Leeds Beckett University

Dr Gurpinder Lali, Wolverhampton University

Professor Donald Bundy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Lesley Drake, Imperial College, London.