School of Psychology & Sport Sciences Researcher Dr Greta Defeyter spoke recently at the Westminster cross-party parliamentary briefing on school breakfast clubs.

Dr. Defeyter presented preliminary research findings at a parliamentary briefing at Westminster sponsored by Ian Lucas MP for Wrexham. The research tested primary school children at two time points (when children started attending breakfast clubs and approximately 6 months later) and compared their performance on a variety of measures to those children not attending a school breakfast club.

The researchers found that children attending breakfast clubs maintain or slightly increase their level of companionship across the six month period. Conversely, for those children not attending breakfast club, there was a significant decrease in their level of companionship for the same time period.

In regard to the cognitive tasks, children attending breakfast clubs showed significant gains in performance on tests of attention. However, no such gains were found for those children not attending breakfast clubs. A full report will be available in the autumn.

On June 5th the Schools Dean – Professor Pam Briggs will be speaking at the Westminster Media Forum – Social networking, privacy and the press – Protecting individual privacy in the digital age.