Healthy Living members Professor Greta Defeyter and Louise Harvey-Golding attended the Life Science Centre’s opening of the new Brain Zone.

Prof. Defeyter and Louise can be seen here taking part in a film about the Brain Zone.

The Brain Zone at the Life Science Centre is an exhibition comprising of hands-on exhibits and activities for visitors, which tell the story of the brain and how it works. The exhibition was funded by the Wellcome Trust and officially opened by its Chair, Baroness Manningham-Buller.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with an advisory group comprising of leading professionals in the field from Northumbria, Durham, Newcastle and York Universities, including Director of Healthy Living, Professor Greta Defeyter from Northumbria University.

Professor Defeyter, advised on the psychology aspects within the exhibition. Her main research focusses on children’s understanding of objects and how they reason about their function and identity. She said: “The brain is our most fascinating and essential organ, responsible for every motion, every reaction and every thought”.

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