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Our research team are currently working on a number of projects investigating various aspects of children’s health and development including friendships, physical activity, cognition and dietary habits.  We are carrying out work in a range of settings including breakfast clubs, holiday clubs and schools across projects involving children, adolescents and adults.  Through our work we aim to find out about development from early childhood to late adolescence and the variety of factors that can impact upon this development.


What does taking part in research involve?

We are currently carrying out research with nursery children, primary and secondary school children and disengaged youth (i.e. NEET’s).  From time to time, parents, schools and community group staff are also asked to contribute to projects.  All research tasks that children are asked to complete have been carefully designed to be age appropriate and more importantly the tasks are fun for children to do.

Some examples of tasks that children might be asked to complete as part of a research project include identifying a missing piece from a picture, answering a question about a story they’ve heard or completing a questionnaire about how they get on with their best friend.

In our experience, children find the tasks enjoyable and are keen to help out with the research.  Children are encouraged to ask questions about anything they might be unsure of and are able to opt out of the research if they change their mind about taking part at any time.  All children who turn up to take part in our projects are given a small token, such as a pencil, as a thank you for their help; even those who change their mind about taking part are given a token for coming along and thinking about having a go.

Before children are allowed to participate in our research, parental consent is sought.  Parents, schools and community groups are also able to contact the research team at any stage of the project and can request a summary of the research findings when the project is complete.

The majority of our research is conducted on school or community group premises during normal operating hours.  The research team work closely with school and community staff to arrange appropriate times to carry out the research to ensure that participation causes minimal disruption.

If you would like to take part in some research then please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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