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Premiership Rugby

The Healthy Living team are currently working on an evaluation of Premiership Rugby’s Something to Chew On and HITZ programmes.  If you are a parent and you have received information about participating in this project, please click here.


Holiday Food & Fun

Throughout the long summer break from school, many families face financial difficulties with extra meals to prepare, children to entertain and no free school meals.  The Healthy Living team are currently involved in evaluations of holiday schemes across the country that set out to support children and families by providing meals and enrichment activities during school holidays.

Recent work in this area carried out by Prof Greta Defeyter and Dr Pamela L Graham resulted in the first academic publication to report on the impact of holiday food provision in the UK.  A number of additional projects in this area are ongoing… watch this space for updates!


School and Community Breakfast Clubs

The Healthy Living team have been involved in the evaluation of school and community breakfast clubs across the last decade.

Supported through funding from Kellogg’s, Dr Pamela L Graham recently completed her PhD, which considered the potential relationship between school breakfast club attendance and children’s social relationships, behaviours and food intake.  Some of the findings from Pam’s PhD work have recently been published reporting on the advantages and disadvantages of breakfast clubs; the impacts of a free school breakfast scheme; and children’s behaviour within the breakfast club setting.

The findings of Pam’s PhD research have also contributed to an online breakfast clubs training programme that is currently being delivered to school and community breakfast club staff across England, Scotland and Wales.

Louise Harvey-Golding is currently working on a PhD in collaboration with Blackpool Council, which evaluates the impact of a universal free school breakfast initiative on social and behavioural outcomes in primary school children.  Louise has developed a model for breakfast behaviours, which was recently published in Frontiers in Public Health.

Prior to the commencement of Louise’s PhD, Prof Greta Defeyter and Dr Pamela L Graham conducted an evaluation of Blackpool Council’s free school breakfast scheme.  The findings of this pilot investigation resulted in the roll out of free breakfast to all primary school children across Blackpool.