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Using an amalgamation of professional and academic experience the Healthy Living members are able to offer tailored evaluations to suit the varying requirements of the client. Utilising interdisciplinary methods means that they can develop the perfect research/ evaluation package to suit your needs, ranging from statistical analysis to the presentation and dissemination of findings. Healthy Living offers a diverse range of evaluations including work with breakfast clubs, obesity intervention programmes and exercise/ nutrition initiatives within the workplace.

Healthy Living’s registered nutritionist, Dr Fiona Caple, delivers targeted, nutrition-related information in the form of workshops for employees within the workplace. The dynamic and tailored approach ensures the delivery of bespoke nutrition advice to suit the varying needs of each participating organisation.

With concerns surrounding childhood obesity and increasing child poverty in today’s society, the provision of food in schools has the potential to play a pivotal role in health and social outcomes for children and families.

Schools provide children with a multitude of opportunities throughout the day to consume nutritious foods and to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through breakfast clubs, fruit schemes, healthy lunches and after school clubs to name but a few.

The Healthy Living Team have substantial expertise in public health and educational research and evaluation. Drawing on practical experience and up to date knowledge of research findings and techniques we can offer……

  • Support to schools, community agencies, local authorities and government departments in the planning, development and implementation of school and community based schemes
  • Evaluation throughout all stages of project planning and implementation.
  • Appraisal of existing projects to inform development
  • Wide dissemination of findings to relevant public, policy and academic representatives.


Example Evaluation Projects

Blackpool Council’s Free School Breakfast Scheme:

Prof. Greta Defeyter and Pamela Graham evaluated the pilot phase of Blackpool Council’s Free School Breakfast Scheme.  A report on the findings of the evaluation is available here.

Following the evaluation, Blackpool Council rolled out the breakfast scheme across all primary schools in Blackpool resulting in all primary school children in the area being offered a free breakfast at the start of each school day.  Healthy Living are currently working with Blackpool Council to evaluate the impact of the breakfast scheme over time.  The research is being carried out by postgraduate researcher, Louise Harvey-Golding working under the supervision of Professor Greta Defeyter and Dr Julie Young.

Real Food Works:

As part of Healthy Living’s commitment to regional and community engagement, Healthy Living is currently working with Real Food Works on evaluating their Big Cooks and Little Cooks programme and i-Skills 4 Life programme in the North East of England. The researchers will evaluate the effectiveness  of the programmes on a number of factors; including people’s confidence in cooking, number of convenience meals bought, ‘five a day’, and general dietary habits.

Real Food Works is a not-for-profit social enterprise that, through education and awareness-raising, aims to empower people to improve their health through improving their diet. The enterprise operates across the North of England and has, to date, engaged with over 45,000 people to help them improve their diet.

Real Food Works’ ‘Big Cooks and Little Cooks’ programme involves working with schools and bringing children and parents together, to provide a joint cooking and food sharing experience. The programme recognises that while schools do a great job of teaching children about healthy eating, this information is not always acted on by parents, ‘Big Cooks and Little Cooks’ provides a fun experience for parents and their children, showing parents that their children are willing to try healthy foods and inspires them to try recipes they have learned through the programme at home. “I feel much more confident about being able to provide healthier food for my family”, said a young mother after attending a course. “We are in fact”, says David Malone, founder of Real Food Works, “the only enterprise that promotes healthy living through microwave cooking”.

i-Skills 4 Life is an independent living skills course catering for young adults. It aims to engage with participants ‘in a supportive partnership, empowering them to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to live a healthy, rewarding and independent life’.

To find out more about the work that Real Food Works are doing within the community then please visit the site here.

The Family Initiative Supporting Children’s Health (FISCH):

Caroline-Dodd Reynolds, member of Healthy Living, conducted an evaluation investigating the efficacy of the FISCH pilot programme in the North East of England. The FISCH obesity project was developed in 2005 by the Durham and Chester-Le-Street Lifestyle Initiative with the aim of preventing young people requiring further specialist obesity care. The evaluation examined the physiological and psychological impact of extending the programme over two school terms.


To find out more about how Healthy Living can help you get the most out of your school and community based projects, please contact a member of our team directly or use the Contact Form.